Star Wars BB8 Inspired RC Printed Robot

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time to complete: 2 Days (Excluding printing)


This is an easy to build Disney Star Wars BB8 inspired robot. It's controlled by an Arduino UNO over a bluetooth connection from your smartphone.

The videos are broken down into several parts:


List of items used in this project and where to find them (the links are Amazon affiliate links and help to support my projects at no cost to you):

■ Styrofoam Ball:
■ Arduino Uno:
■ Motor driver:
■ HM10 Bluetooth model:
■ Motor and wheel:
■ Magnets:
■ Battery:
■ Battery Holder (eBay):
■ Hycote White Primer:
■ Metallic Sharpies:
■ Set of Sharpies:


The code for this project is hosted on GitHub:

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