Bluetooth controlled Dry Ice Machine

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to complete: 3 hours (excluding printing time)

Build the ultimate Dry Ice machine with Bluetooth control and LEDs


Build your own Arduino driven, bluetooth remote controlled dry ice effect machine with integrated LED lighting. Perfect for parties, theatrical effects and Halloween. 


List of items used in this project and where to find them (the links are Amazon affiliate links and help to support this channel at no cost to you):

■ Elegoo Arduino Nano (x1):
■ L298N Motor Driver (x1):
■ 8 AA Battery Holder (x1):
■ AA Batteries (x8):
■ Mini breadboard (x1):
■ 12v Geared DC Motor (x1):
■ HM10 Bluetooth Module (x1):
■ Contact Switches (x2):
■ Stationery Holder (x1):
■ Nuts and Bolts - :
■ Wire:
■ PLA Filament:
■ Plastic Container (x1):

These are some of my favourite tools I use and can recommend:
■ Battery powered glue gun:
■ Bosch Bit Driver:


Circuit Diagram

Wiring Diagram


The code for this project is hosted on GitHub:

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